[torsen] Torsen spiral of death (was Why only 1 Torsen in audis?)

Andres Kroonmaa andre at online.ee
Fri Mar 2 16:40:30 EST 2001

 Good people,

 Why are you changing the subject line every hour? Its hell of a pain to
 follow the thread later in archives. It seems very common on this list,
 but why? (newbie here)

On 2 Mar 2001, at 19:45, Erik Ringelberg <kynf at yellowstonenuclearfree.org> wrote:

> NO,NO,no!
> You do not want a limited slip up front. This is not a jeep. I have never 

 Why not? Making steering harder? understeer? Would be more fun on snow, imho.
 Of course not locked front.

> Back to the issue of center torsen. I find it beyond the pale that there is 
> still idle speculation about the merit or lack of merit for a center torsen. 

 No need to be amused. Both parties have their point. It would be interesting
 to get both parties to converge.

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