[torsen] Why only 1 Torsen in audis?

Andres Kroonmaa andre at online.ee
Fri Mar 2 17:47:14 EST 2001

On 2 Mar 2001, at 11:57, Buchholz, Steven <Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com> wrote:

> Since a torsen is a mechanical device it only reacts based upon what is
> going on at the input and output shafts.
> With EDL or Haldex (or 959) more inputs can be gathered relating to what the
> entire vehicle is experiencing, which means that you are more likely to make
> the proper reaction to a given situation.  

 yes, all those computer controlled thingies are ultra-cool, no doubt. But
 look at its complexity! Look at the amount of points of failure! Getting
 this all right is hell of a job, progressively.
 And all computer controlled devices are directly prone to oscillations,
 there are tons of "spider bite"s waiting. There are delays between sensing
 and reaction, noticable delays. There would be lot of situations when they
 would annoy.
 Beauty of torsen is its simplicity and instantness, and still its considered
 to interfere with driver.

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