[torsen] 94 cabriolet top problems

C1J1Miller at aol.com C1J1Miller at aol.com
Thu Mar 8 14:45:26 EST 2001

George Nybakken writes:
The above top does not work. The boot raises 1", stalls for 3-5 seconds, and malfunction light comes on. As the top does work once in awhile, I believe the problem to be electrical. Does Audi have a special top manual? Do specs exist for hydraulic pressures, wiring diagrams for the numerous microswitches? Any help would be appreciated, as the dealer seems to be troubleshooting the old fashion, time consuming (and costly) way.
Robert Bentley is scheduled to produce a CD based repair manual for the Cabriolet around the end of June...

Reviewing the available repair info, there were a couple technical service bulletins.
Convertible top operation is slow or inoperative; check convertible top hydraulic pump reservoir for leaks, etc.
Convertible top latch, releases slow or intermittantly due to slightly low battery voltage; run engine, or replace solenoid/release mechanism with revised part.

The dealer should be able to hook up the diagnostic machine (VAG 1551) and download any stored trouble codes for the top mechanism, and perform an audible output check for the various solenoids, hydraulic pump, and hydraulic pump relay.  They also can access wiring diagrams, which will be included in the Bentley CD later this spring.
They can work through the operating range and check the data blocks (actual values) versus expected values, and should be able to identify the issues.
HTH, Chris Miller, c1j1miller at aol.com

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