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Brendan Rudack rudack at ucsub.colorado.edu
Tue Mar 13 11:10:03 EST 2001

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> >  I however have never been able to reproduce it in my A4. EDL stopping the 
> >  problem? I don't think so because I can feel the EDL and it isn't coming 
> on. 
> Send that email to Brendan Rudack please.  Both he *and* I were able to 
> reproduce the phenomenon on his A41.8t on a dry track.

Down in Pueblo after one of the Audi-fests...
Chasing a modded M3 and being chased by a Big-Red equipped V8 with a
crazed driver....
I would have figured the 245/45-16 Yokohama AVS-I's I was running would
have masked the U-O transitions, nah not at the limit.  I still remember
one of my passengers (Christian Long or Mr. Howell)  asking me "what the
hell was that?!" Makes me laugh now!

> >  Driver problem? I think so.

The driver problem may be lack of awareness of what is happening at the
limit and simply writing it off too: "whoa, hang-on, that was wild!"

I also want to add that on the track or in the white stuff (pushing
hard);  Most drivers are focused on driving, to the point that they don't
realize "funny-stuff" is occurring.  A totally different mind-set.  

Wish I could get my Engineering friend/Pro-Rally driver Evan, in on this
conversation.  Non-Audi guy.  Sister has a Coupe Q.  Had a couple of
"off's" with him in the Coupe.  He wrote that car off to be a nuisance.
"Damn thing won't do what I expect it to...." I had to revitalize his Q
faith.  Took him out in my ex-4000q...locked-d.

He was _very_ concerned about the diff. I was to use in my 90tq pro-rally
car.  My response is an 016, locker.

Don't crunch your toy looking for cob-webs...

Brendan Rudack
University of Colorado
Mechanical Engineering
'98 A4tq
'88 90tq 016

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