[torsen] Driveshaft angularity info needed...

Jeffrey Goggin audidudi at mindspring.com
Thu Nov 1 19:09:04 EST 2001

>I don't have any hard facts or numbers to quote but I would not expect that
>much angle change to shorten the CV joint lifespan significantly. I have
>seen several cars over the years that in stock form have CV angles similar
>to what you are suggesting (at least my mental picture of the angles you

Personally, I haven't seen any cars where the driveshaft/CV joints have
been angled backwards but I've seen plenty of cars where they're angled
downwards due to severe lowering and I've heard stories about them having
to be replaced in less than 10k miles.  If this is what I can expect, fine;
it's not the cost or labor involved to replace them that is my concern but
the potential loss of reliability as I intend to use this car as a
grand-tourer and don't want to have it towed home from god-knows-where...   

>On another note we have (or had) a local AC shop that you could order almost
>any size and/or shape of AC condenser. They installed/serviced aftermarket
>AC systems for dealerships and the general public and had replacement parts
>for most anything. They would fabricate custom hoses for us and weld on the
>original metric/OE fittings if needed. Might be some place similar near you?

Yes but the cost they quoted for having this sort of work done wasn't cheap
and they didn't seem enthusiastic about a totally custom project such as
this one.  I've learned in the past that when somebody gives you a "go
away" quote, it usually is in your best interest to heed the suggestion and
find someone else to do the work or figure out some other approach that
will get the job done.

>I do like your idea of moving the engine back and down, at least from the
>weight distribution point if view.

I do as well but I'm concerned about lowering it too far since this will
cause the propshaft to run at angle and open up the possibility of a nasty
vibration, at least if my experience years ago with BMWs counts for anything.

Thanks for the input!

Jeff Goggin
Scottsdale, AZ

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