[torsen] Driveshaft angularity info needed...

Jeffrey Goggin audidudi at mindspring.com
Thu Nov 1 19:15:02 EST 2001

>I have been told the later transaxles (type 012 & 01A) Audi used can't
>handle the power that the type 016 could. In fact Audi continued to use the
>type 016 transaxles in their Turbo cars after the introduction of the type
>012 & 01A transaxles.

I've heard the same thing as well.  That said, the best reason to use a
Type 016 is the fact that you can fit an LSD to it -- the Quaife for the
944 drops right in with very little modification! -- which (to my
knowledge) you can't do with the Type 012 and 01A boxes.  I can't imagine
driving something like a V8-powered GT40 replica with an open diff... 
>The 016 type transaxle was also used in the Porsche 944/944Turbo and the
>gearing in those may be different than in the Audi's. I don't know what 6
>speed was used in the Porsche 968, which was the last derivative of the
>924/944 series cars.

Again, I'll have to go digging for my FWD 016 info as all I've concerned
myself with lately has been the AWD version.

Jeff Goggin
Scottsdale, AZ

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