[torsen] Driveshaft angularity info needed...

S4audinut at aol.com S4audinut at aol.com
Thu Nov 1 19:50:02 EST 2001

There was an interesting article in Audi Driver a few months back about a 
Spanish Rallycross driver who was running his own design of AWD tranny and 
was eating up everyone. Seems the diff. ran gears up the side of the engine 
(cased) and allowed some good advantages on weight as well as a fairly 
bulletproof  tranny. He is selling these and may make one for an Audi as I 
remember reading he drove Audi's at one time. This would allow you to set the 
engine back about a foot or more from the cutaways I saw. If you are 
interested or dot have access to the magazine I will try to find the article 
and fax it to you if you send me a # and are interested. 
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