[torsen] RE: Driveshaft angularity info needed...

Jeffrey Goggin audidudi at mindspring.com
Thu Nov 1 20:17:01 EST 2001

>There was an interesting article in Audi Driver a few months back about a 
>Spanish Rallycross driver who was running his own design of AWD tranny and 
>was eating up everyone. Seems the diff. ran gears up the side of the engine 
>(cased) and allowed some good advantages on weight as well as a fairly 
>bulletproof  tranny.

I didn't see the article but suspect the person you're referring to is the
Norwegian rallycrosser, Martin Schanche.  He has designed an interesting
diff assembly/transmission that sounds very much like what you describe above.

>He is selling these and may make one for an Audi as I remember reading he
drove Audi's at one time. This would allow you >to set the engine back
about a foot or more from the cutaways I saw.

Since this is, first and foremost, a street car, I'm not willing to modify
the firewall and I'm certainly not willing to pop for a new gearbox so the
limit as to how far I can push the engine back is about 4", maybe a little
less.  More than this would require far too much work and increase the
complexity of my project immeasurably.

FWIW, for my now-aborted racecar project, I did design a poor-man's version
of this diff/tranny assembly using a pair of motorcycle sprockets and a
chain that ran between them.  I'm sure there would have been a considerable
power loss in the process but the price was right!  :^)

Jeff Goggin
Scottsdale, AZ

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