[torsen] Aerodynamic changes...LONG...here we go....

Dave Hord spokes at mail.the-wire.com
Thu Nov 1 23:01:02 EST 2001

First, the background:

I'm working on the rally conversion for my 90q.  I love the way it handles on 
snow and gravel.  I'd be fine with more oversteer in the car, but on 
snow/gravel it tends towards neutral/slight oversteer.  Of course, put the loud 
pedal done and you can get 'er right sideways :-)

This summer...I tried Solo II racing.  I like it...but don't love it (like 
rallying).  Okay, maybe that's not totally true...I'm trying to figure out how 
to afford a second car to modify for track.  The rally mods (lifted 1.5") don't 
exactly cause for great track handling!

The problem:

On the _track_ the car understeers quite a bit.  Like, a whole stinkin' lot.  
Now, I know that a lot of it is my driving technique...Gravel technique and 
pavement are vastly different...I've discovered! I did, however, allow a very 
experienced racer who knew the track and a whole lot of cars drive it.  He too 
struggled with the understeer.

I would like to reduce the amount of understeer on teh pavement, without having 
to vastly change the car for pavement.  I know lowering it, throwing on stiffer 
springs/dampers and changing anti-roll bars would be great...but that would 
counter-act the rally goals.  A radical aligment before the paved events would 
certainly help...but that would hurt the daily driver aspect (did I mention 
it's my daily driver?).

I'm also a student.  On a budget.  So, we're thinking cheap things to play 
with...I mean, this IS the torsen list right?  What fun would it be if I just 
went out and dropped $2000 for someone elses solution to the problem?

Possible solutions:

I've read 3 or 4 books on track driving techniques...let's 'assume' the 
driver's ability was not an issue.  (I'm working on it...)

Increasing front downforce - As I understand it, increasing the front downforce 
will certainly help me in the turn-in for the corners, and help the cornering 
on faster speed corners. I'd love to playwith/test it...but short of mounting 
an adjustable rear wing to the very front of the hood...I can't think of how.

So, I open the field...How can I add more downforce to the front of my audi, 
through an inexpensive and adjustable solution. It must be adjustable so I can 
test different amounts of downforce.

Assume these things:

1) I can work in wood. (though I don't know how useful this will be)
2) I can work in Aluminum and steel. (no sheet metal brake, but I can get 
access if I really need to)
2b) I'm learning to work in fiberglass, but have an experienced person to help 
3) Adjustable means 'adjustable within 10-20 min of work'. Super adjustable 
usually means more complicated, and more expensive to make.
4) I'm not worried about the finish of the front bumper.  I'll drill, I'll 
rivet, I'll re-drill and re-rivet.  When I find the solution that works, I'll 
get a bumper from a lister or scrap yard, and make a permanent version.



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