[torsen] Re: Aerodynamic changes...LONG...here we go....

Dave Hord spokes at mail.the-wire.com
Fri Nov 2 10:18:02 EST 2001

Quoting Brian Devlin <bdevlin at stanford.edu>:

Tight turns, Slow.  Rear Diff locked would probably be a bad idea(?) I should 
note, I have a set of Yokohama A520's, that are just for the track now...and 
pretty low on tread. I don't mind wrecking the tires by running the diff 
locked...but I'd be concerned about the diff and drivetrain.  Valid concerns?

Current setup is stock.  Battery in engine compartment, Rad up front. Stock 
anti-roll bars.  Suspension is raised though springs 1.5". Spring rate is same 
as stock springs...she's pretty soft, and body-rolls around a lot!

I honestly don't know the camber settings...but will need an alignment this 
winter.  So, I'm curious to know what good pavement settings would be...and 
what good rally set-ups would be...I'll compare and try to both (ha!)


> I don't really know about these things but I find myself thinking 
> about them a lot, so here I go:
> So if I understand correctly you're having understeer on pavement, 
> and you're mostly going slow there. I guess this means tight turns, 
> so you probably don't want to run with the rear diff locked. What is 
> your set up right now? Rear stabilizer? Battery in trunk? Radiator in 
> trunk? What are the camber settings?
> -Brian

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