[torsen] RE: Type 44 quattro rear anti-swaybar

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Wed Nov 14 12:04:04 EST 2001

I have Carl Jerritts ex 87 5ktq in my shop fitted with the 92 S4 bar.  I also 
have an 87 5ktq full race car with a rear to front facing ASB.  Both required 
fabrication to install, both reduced the need for really stiff spring rates, 
street or track.

All that said, the '92 S4 bar is a POS, IMO, too many bends in the spagetti 
for my taste.  The better method for going after the rear effective spring 
rate, is to just change over to a coil over linear spring in the back.  BTDT 
on many type 44's (all flavors), including my 87 5ktq wagon.  The long wheel 
base of the type 44's means that you can put in some pretty stiff springs in 
the back and not sacrifice ride quality.

IME, connecting and disconnecting the rear bar in the street 5ktq, is that 
the bar tends to bind up quicker than the linear rate spring, causing 
premature wheel lift in comparison to just a stiffer linear spring.  

Bottom Line:  If you already have linear rate springs in the back of the 44 
chassis car, adding the ASB can fine tune the last nth of handling (we still 
aren't speaking of oversteer, just less U), and help reduce the need for 
really stiff springs in the back (but really that's a race car issue).  The 
wheel lift however, can have the side benefit of helping to control f/r 
torque ocillations in the center diff of the Gen II&III quattros (didn't even 
need to say the word;), since wheel lift immediately reduces Engine Trg>0.


Scott Justusson
Type 44tq no rear ASB

Brett,I don't know exactly what Phil was talking about, but.  If you look at 
theEtka you will find a sway bar for the 92 S4.  Problem is, it is not a 
"bolton" so you will have all kinds of trouble fitting it to a type 44.Mr. 
DeWitt Harrison from CO will be happy to help you out since I KNOW forfact 
that he acquired one of those bars................Below is a comment from 
Dewitt:The bar will not bolt up, at least not to US type 44 cars. There is 
noprovision on the rear subframe for the bar clamps and there is noprovision 
on the rear bearing carriers (uprights) for the end linkbrackets.DeWitt 
Harrison88 5kcstqTake care,Aviwww.ultranator.com

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