[torsen] Re: Turbo theory

John Petersen petersen007 at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 20 20:59:02 EST 2001

         From what I understand, it is difficult to make bearings which do 
not leak air or fail at the very high vacuums which exist with a closed 
throttle body and a spinning turbo behind it. That is what I read anyway, 
but, in my mind I see a different problem. How do you hold the vacuum that 
an engine can produce on closed throttle at high RPM, when you need 
flexible hoses to do it? I would think that the hoses would fail much 
earlier doing this. Also, the failure will be one which requires towing, 
the car will not be able to be driven as with leaks in boost hoses before 
the throttle (this depends on the severity of the leak).
Aside from these issues, which I'm sure _could_ be worked out, if the 
benefit or price was right, you have a very good point, the turbo would 
spin as if there was no intake load on it.... which would be a great 
Turbo overspin may become an issue to grapple with if this were done, 
especially as it will maintain its speed from closed-throttle much longer, 
imbalances will become more damaging.

keep us updated as to your research
'92 S4

At 03:42 PM 11/20/01 -0800, Brian Devlin wrote:
>Why is the turbo on my Audi upstream of the throttle? It seems to me that 
>it would keep spinning faster and longer if it was in vacuum.
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