[torsen] 89 200TQ - 2 sparks

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1. Speed sensor- no continuity between terminal 3 to ECU terminal 28.
2. timing sensor- no continuity between terminal 3 to ECU terminal 28.
3. hall sensor- terminal 3 to ECU terminal 25 has 48.7 Ohms resistance. (is
that normal?)
4. Checked wiring #2 of power stage and 22 on ECU and not getting minimum of
.2 Volts

My rule of thumb is: if it ran before it should run again.  Sounds like you 
are out of timing references.  You need to make sure that the distributor 
rotor (and or slashes) are in perfect alignment when the flywheel is at -0-.  
+/- 2 degrees on the distributor window is significant for a no start.  
Recheck TDC -0- flywheel, hashmark on back of cam gear level with cam cover, 
distributor rotor at #1 (or hash mark in distr cam aligns with slot on 
outside of dist housing - some of the later cars don't have this).  If you 
are out, loosen the distributor hold down bolt and rotate the dist to align 
it again. Also make sure that you rotate the crank 2 full revolutions to make 
sure you aren't 180degrees out of spec.   All that said, many years ago, Ned 
advised that some of the distributor reference marks were not correct from 
the factory, and that rotating the dist +/- about 1/8 turn is sometimes 


Scott J
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning

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