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Julian Stafford julian.stafford at virgin.net
Tue Oct 16 15:44:45 EDT 2001

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Date: 16 October 2001 18:05
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It is my understanding that the newer shafts have bonded in
>bearings ... but perhaps with some careful work one could extricate the
>original bearing and find some way to bond a new bearing in its place.
>I have never suggested this possibility before, but hey, this is the
>*torsen* list after all!  I think it would be great to figure out a way to
>rebuild the bonded carrier bearing/bushing setup ... the incentive is there
>to make it truly a low cost repair!

Just done my MB (1989) The repair I did was possible because the rubber
carrier was OK, I just had a duff bearing.

The rubber is like a diaphragm and bridges the gap between support and
centre bearing, the bearing gives the impression of being bonded, but is
not. It is an interference fit into the diaphragm, and it is buttressed up
by an annular metal ring that is bigger than the bearing and bonded into the

After separating the prop halves (with hammer and cold chisel in the joint)
I knocked the bearing off the prop then persuaded it out of the diaphragm,
the trick is to find ways of creating force on it without damage to the
rubber, how you do this will depend on implements at your disposal.
Reassembly is the reverse, the bearing is stock from a bearing shop and is

HTH Julian.

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