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Way cool:
Ok, here's the scoop on the audi stuff.  The 0165spd is considered the 
beefiest of the bunch, the O1E the weakest.  When Bob Dupree did the 
LT1Quattro swap, I looked into this quite intensely.  The 016 is a common 
swap trans, the adapter is easily sourced, and it appears to be the *only* 
one that has been used reliably over the years.

For more on this swap, try going to:
www.flyinhead.com and following the links to the LT1Q

It has the biggest input shaft of the group (save the v8, but that's only 
available as quattro, and is much bigger transmission all together), can 
handle the highest torque and hp of the audi line as well.  One option 
*might* be to get the trans fluid pump off the v8 quattro 016 based trans 
(it's attached to the pass side driveshaft, er, that's facing the correct way 
- behind motor), and adapt it to work with the 016.  I've heard from several 
audi race dudes this is an upgrade that can be done, but I have no btdt, nor 
know of anyone short of Audi sport that might have tried this.

Bottom Line:  In the audi transmission lineup, the 016 is the strongest trans 
available, especially for a high torque 'merican v8 motor.  


Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning
I am building a replica of the Ford GT40 that raced at LeMans in the sixties. 
The car is mid engined and is set up for the Audi 016 5 speed box that was 
found in the Audi 5000's and 100's. The trans is bolted to a 5.0 Ford V8 with 
an adapter plate. I am interested in using an Audi 01E five or six speed. Are 
the mountings and bellhousing pattern the same? Will the 01E handle more 
torque than a 016?

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