[torsen] Audi trans interchangability

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Tue Oct 16 17:54:41 EDT 2001

Not the way we would want to remember them.  But tons of them available cheap 
aftermarket, and unlimited parts too. (gander www.summitracing.com).  The 
hemis, the clevelands etc, have long since stopped production, most due to 
emissions.  That said, a lot of folks figuring out how to put new EFI systems 
on these motors, which could give them new life.  A trip to any quarter mile 
track, the big blocks still live, they just get passed by the talons alot.

But you can't imitate the sound (similar to the MM quote) - nor forget it.

Scott J
It's a small world, I too have been thinking a lot about the GT40. in the UK
the GTD40 is the best of 2 kit versions available, it uses a small block
Ford and a Renault trans-axle. Major trouble is the £20, 000 + required :-(

Are big block engines still manufactured in the states?

Regards Julian.

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