[torsen] Audi trans interchangability

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Tue Oct 16 19:12:10 EDT 2001

You can still buy 500ci Fords new from the ford people (FRP), a crate hemi is 
available and people like Summit racing will sell you a big block built to 
better than stock specs.
I talked to the people at Electromotive and they had a hand in building a 
370ci small block Ford that dynoed 1500lb/ft torque using twin turbo's which 
translates to over 1900hp, engine fully built of course but big blocks are no 
longer necessary to do big HP. The same people know a tuner who has done 
600hp out of a 1.8t and 400hp out of a 1.8t using all stock internals. We are 
saddled with some primitive (for today) ignition and fuel systems I am 
finding as I talk to engine mgmt. people about the I5-20v T. I knew that when 
I recently talked to EIP and they had done a 8 valve VW engine w/a turbo kit 
to 460hp on pump gas. 
Bigger isnt always better
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