[torsen] re: Piston ruminations

Ken Keith auditude at neta.com
Tue Oct 16 20:25:01 EDT 2001

I also am curious to know what other options there are.  

I would still like to get a higher compression piston than the MC-1's 
7.8:1.  I'm open to discussion about this.  I do not have much 
technical knowledge about piston design either.

I'm not crazy about the idea of additional piston slap than stock, or 
increased likelihood of detonation due to a less desireable dish 
design or location.

My primary motivation for getting involved in this deal is to get a 
higher c/r for my 4kstq project, so that off-line performance isn't so 
bad, pre-boost.



Buchholz, Steven (Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com) posted:
> For some time now there has been a group of us who were working
> together to get a set of Wiseco pistons for some tweaked 5 cylinder
> motors.  What we learned today is that the pistons used on the MC
> engine are already pretty nicely spec'ed forged parts, so there are a
> few of us who are trying to decide whether it makes sense to continue
> waiting for the Weiscos, or to see if perhaps we could just buy some
> standard pistons from Mahle to meet our needs.  As I recall our basic
> requirements were for 82.5mm bore and a static CR somewhere in the
> 8.0-8.5 range ... primarily intended for 10v turbocharged apps.  I am
> by no means an expert on the tradeoffs involved with deciding upon the
> best piston for an app.  It sounds like there are some characteristics
> of the factory piston in terms of wrist pin offset and overall shape
> which are not possible with the Wiseco application ... but then I
> don't think it is possible to get an 82.5mm bore in an Audi turbo app.
>  I know that Javad would like to be able to move forward with this
> project if at all possible, and I know that I for one am on the fence
> in terms of whether or not it makes sense for me to go ith the Wisecos
> ... TIA for your thoughts and BTDT! Steve Buchholz San Jose, CA (USA)

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