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> I'm not crazy about the idea of additional piston slap than stock, or 
> increased likelihood of detonation due to a less desireable dish 
> design or location.
> My primary motivation for getting involved in this deal is to get a 
> higher c/r for my 4kstq project, so that off-line performance isn't so 
> bad, pre-boost.
> Thanks,
> Ken
> Buchholz, Steven (Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com) posted:
> >
There are alternatives to the 'slap' you have heard about with some forged 
pistons. J&E makes some very good forged pistons cut to tighter tolerances 
w/better metalurgy so discourage it. Hyperutic pistons are also a good 
choice. As to increasing the combustion chamber there are also options such 
as reducing combustion chamber size and some really wierd tricks such as 
longer rod/shorter piston. I advised someone earlier to call Dialynx in 
England as they have built quite a few high HP 10v T's and Scott J and Kent 
A. also have good experience I have been told. I can only say that if I were 
doing this I would speak to an expert, and from my experience (and it has 
been very real lately), talk to someone who can show you a finished product 
and then talk to the customer.

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