[torsen] Audi trans interchangability

PJ Catteeuw catteeuw at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 16 22:39:03 EDT 2001

I think you will save yourself a lot of trouble if you just use an Audi V8.
You know the engine will fit the gearbox. I imagine a lot of trouble mating
an old Ford engine to a newer Audi gearbox.

The 4.2l can be reliably tuned to ±450hp without forced induction (like the
version used by the Spyker C8). And beyond that when forced.
I you have a large budget, you could wait for the new generation Audi V8s,
expected in 2002. Direct Injection and other high tech stuff, plus a BiTurbo
version of the 4.2l. A 380hp 5.0l version is as good as certain, and a
rumour suggests this car will also get two Turbochargers to power the 500hp
RS8 and future Bentleys.

Catteeuw PJ

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