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Tue Oct 16 22:54:02 EDT 2001

There is plenty of meat on the MC head to mill and cc as necessary to get any 
CR you so desire.  For the MC1, I'd look at no more than  8.1 to avoid going 
to the lowest knock tables under boost.   The MC1 running the MC2 cr of 8.4 
is too much.  A properly done (and prior unabused) 8.1 should be able to use 
the stock timing belt. 

Personally, I find the audi pistons to be pretty darn good ones.  Unless you 
are going overbore or lightening, I'd leave the turbo pistons alone on either 
the 10 or 20v motors


I also am curious to know what other options there are.  

I would still like to get a higher compression piston than the MC-1's 
7.8:1.  I'm open to discussion about this.  I do not have much 
technical knowledge about piston design either.

I'm not crazy about the idea of additional piston slap than stock, or 
increased likelihood of detonation due to a less desireable dish 
design or location.

My primary motivation for getting involved in this deal is to get a 
higher c/r for my 4kstq project, so that off-line performance isn't so 
bad, pre-boost.


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