[torsen] Audi trans interchangability - oh no!

PJ Catteeuw catteeuw at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 17 03:28:01 EDT 2001

Wow, that does look great. And if I'm not mistaken the exhaust pipes are
already adjusted for mid-engined use.
It probably would be 'wrong' to put a (sort of) new Audi engine in a GT40.
Even if its a replica. Is this actually the engine used by the original?

If I ever have the time, money, and space I'll build myself one of those.
Maybe not the GT40 (the DG -Lola- T70 has got my fancy www.gdcars.com ).
Keep us updated on your project RL.


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I look at the below, after I saw the pic RL sent me, and smile at the
thought of an audi v8 in place of a 8 stack 347 fully polished and georgeous
ford motor.  You sir are not tempting him with anything that audi might not
ever produce, nor ever did.  The "old" ford engine (tongue in cheek here)
will fit the gearbox, it has for longer than the 20vt or the v8 audis
actually.  The 016 trans is a common swap for all sorts of v8 conversions,
has been for some time, bolt on adapter plates of nice tempered CNC aluminum
to boot.

I'm happy to send you a copy of the pic I got, catteeu, nothing below will
ever come close (even my screen saver of the biturbo v8 RSR motor doesn't
touch this).

I've always expected the question from someone on the 016 adaptors, never
thought it would be on a GT40 replica.  Very nice!  Pardon our nationalism
to the marque RL, I'm sure you'll join in the share of the smile on the


Scott Justusson

I think you will save yourself a lot of trouble if you just use an Audi V8.
You know the engine will fit the gearbox. I imagine a lot of trouble mating
an old Ford engine to a newer Audi gearbox.

The 4.2l can be reliably tuned to ±450hp without forced induction (like the
version used by the Spyker C8). And beyond that when forced.
I you have a large budget, you could wait for the new generation Audi V8s,
expected in 2002. Direct Injection and other high tech stuff, plus a BiTurbo
version of the 4.2l. A 380hp 5.0l version is as good as certain, and a
rumour suggests this car will also get two Turbochargers to power the 500hp
RS8 and future Bentleys.

Catteeuw PJ

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