[torsen] pistons

Tom antiriced at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 17 13:26:21 EDT 2001

speaking of pistons, I'm in need of an MC-1 or MC-2 (preferred) piston to
send Wiseco for measurements.. don't have one handy and would rather not
pull one out of an otherwise functional motor. Can anyone loan one? It'd be
for the good of the cause as they would then have dimensions for future
projects. Not sure what the status of Javad's groupbuy is.. sounds like it
might be off from my latest e-mail exchanges with him. I'd be more than
happy to pick up the effort if necessary.

There's lots that can be done w/ rod length, pin height, ring spacing, even
the rings themselves.. The stock stuff is good but hopelessly overbuilt. I'm
looking forward to getting into the motor more on my car once I can figure
out a way to keep everything else from falling off :-)

Re: slap, can be avoided by choosing material and clearance wisely. Certain
alloys have better dimensional stability than others and are more suited to
street use. There are plenty of trade-offs concerning this topic..


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