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JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Wed Oct 17 16:49:08 EDT 2001

Well, not exactly, I mentioned this in the very beginning, but I have not 
been dealing directly with Weisco,  an engine-builder friend who has been 
dealing directly with Weisco for many years has been the contact, as a favor 
he has been facilitating the design with Weisco.  He builds high performance 
VW engines (a contact when I worked in the industry), and also deals with 
Nascar and drag car engines, so he knows the insides and outs of piston 
design and use, and also has much better contacts at Weisco that I.  He still 
has the MC-1 piston, and the information I have been passing on is from him.  
Tom seems to be directly dealing with Weisco, but our sample piston has not 
made it that far, I am waiting for a concensus from the group buy people to 
move forward there, because Weisco will charge an additional engineering fee 
to desing a piston that may not be made (everytime they sample a piston, they 
have to clean it (which they charge for), and then to actually engineer is 
costs more, all before the piston is ever made).


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<< Weisco should already have an MC-1 piston ... it was the item that
 precipitated this reconsideration of the group buy!  
 I don't think the group buy is off, I am pretty sure that Javad is still
 wanting to find five sets so he can move forward.  Since there are some
 folks who are getting out I would imagine it may be an opportunity for some
 of those who missed out to get in now ... 
 Steve Buchholz
 San Jose, CA (USA) >>

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