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Dear Audi Funs Club,

My name is Antonios N. Varvaropoulos on 27th October 2000, I bought an AUDI A3, 1.6 Attraction (CHASSIS NUMBER: WAUZZZ8LZ1A004903) from KARENTA (Audi's representative in Greece, Argyroupoli Branch, 2 M. Alexandrou Str. & Arch. Theatrou Str., Postal Code 164-52, Argyroupoli, Greece, Tel. No. 003-01-9981860). After approximately eight (8) months, on 10th July 2001 the car couldn't get started. So I moved it to KARENTA, where I spoke with the "experts" and after the diagnosis took place, they informed me that the problem was a factory fault, and I had nothing to do with it. The problem was a faulty electronic board of the injection system. The engineers assured me that the factory was responsible for the damage, i.e. AUDI AG was responsible.

I asked the engineers to assure me that if they changed the board with a new one, I would not face any other problems in the future and their answer was, and I quote: "These machines (cars) are made by machines so we can't give you any guarantees." So I told them: "If you can't give me any guarantees and given the fact that AUDI AG is responsible, give me a new car!" The answer was: "We can't do that".

On 16th July 2001 I went there to receive my car. The technicians informed me that they had replaced the faulty electronic board of the injection system with a new one. However, they did not give me any guarantees concerning the future . maybe because they knew what the future had in store for me.   

Unfortunately, I agreed to receive the car.

 On 10th August 2001 the car would again not get started, but due to late hours I moved the car to my house instead of KARENTA. On Saturday morning (11th August 2001) the car got started. 

On Sunday morning (12th August 2001) the car could once again not get started. On 13th August 2001 I called KARENTA and explained the situation to them and they arranged an appointment for me to meet with them on 23th August 2001.

On 24th August 2001 KARENTA told me that my car was ready to go. There was a grounding fault. Once again, there were no guarantees given and once again, I agreed to receive the car. 

On 29th August 2001 again the car could not get started. The road assistance moved the car to KARENTA. To my great surprise, the technicians informed me that they could not find the cause of the problem. 

As a result, I said to them (and I quote): "But, the previous times you mentioned specific causes: the first time you told me it was a faulty electronic board in the injection system and the second time a grounding problem." Their answer was: "We did not know the cause of the problem; we were just experimenting with your car."    

Upon hearing this, I felt the earth move under my feet. The technicians were not capable of finding and repairing the real problem, so they started to experiment on my brand new car, causing God knows what other problems.

I asked the technician to speak with his superior and his answer was that I had to wait because his superior was in a meeting. I waited for one hour and thirty minutes; afterwards, the technician told me that I had better speak with his superior when the problem was found.

I was in the middle of a nervous breakdown, so I decided to say nothing and left.

I sensed that the superior was avoiding me. I felt embarrassed by his attitude and, consequently, by Audi's since he is one of the people representing them. I had not realized, till now, that AUDI AG's policy was to make its customers feel embarrassed and frustrated.

Till the moment I am writing this e-mail, the cause of the problem has not been found and my lawyer has take over the case. 

I would appreciate if you, Audi Funs Club, can inform me if you are aware of similar cases concerning Audi A3 and what other actions you suggest I should take.    

I am looking forward to your reply and your professional opinion about my situation.  

 Thanking you in advance, I remain.

 Faithfully yours,

 Antonios N. Varvaropoulos

Master Mariner

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