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Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Thu Sep 6 14:01:09 EDT 2001

12V-V6 land???  Must be a cross-post ...

... what exactly is it that you want to do?  There are quite a few folks who
have dropped in an entire engine from a 5 cyl turbo on place of te original
unit, but there is also the option of fitting a turbo to the stock engine.
Javad has done this on his car ... with the addition of an EFI system.  I
guess there is another option that I think I heard was possible, but I don't
think anyone has actually done ... I am pretty sure I heard that the A4's
1.8 liter 20 valve turbo will bolt to the old quattro tranny ... while the
engine may be more expensive, it is likely to be smaller, and may actually
be easier to cram under the hood ...

I'd say that the "how much" question depends on several variables ... are
you planning to do the work yourself?  Are you going to have to worry about
passing smog inspections in the future?  How much refreshing and tweaking do
you want to do while you have the thing apart?

Difficulty ... well, I think you pretty much are resigned to having to
rewire the car to put the battery somewhere other than it now is ... and I'd
say it is pretty likely you'll have to do something about the right side tie
rod.  The 2Bennett conversion I saw had a custom core support to make room
up front ... but I don't know how others have solved this issue.  While I
have never done the 4kT conversion, I have learned in another attempt to put
a different drivetrain into a car that you will probably never know the
answer to the "how difficult?" question until you do it.  You will probably
hear people who have done it telling you how easy a job it is ... but I
wonder if there isn't a bit of the same effect that happens to women after
they give birth to a child ... they seem to forget the discomfort and pain
afterwards ... and before you know it they want to have another!

Know anyone who has done it??? Yes, Jeff Hemmerlein dropped an MC into a 4kQ
within the past few months ... I'm sure there are others ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
> Sorry to bother you guys from over here in 12V-V6 land,  but...
> I owned a Treser Super 4000 Quattro which I totalled two months ago.  
> Now I am looking for a standard 4000Q,  and put in a turbo.
> I know it's been done.
> My question...
> How much$$$$$$ ?
> How difficult?
> Know anyone who has?

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