[torsen] Re: torsen digest, Vol 1 #88 - 1 msg

Erik R eringelberg at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 20 13:32:06 EDT 2001


I don't understand the two spark issue.

But, I can give advice. On my 5-cyl. the hall sensor has 5 windows cut into 
a metal wheel, the newer ones I guess just have one cut. Did they replace it 
with the right one? It is very simple and can be checked in 5 min with a 
volt meter. If that works, then check the coil resistance, 1 minute test. 
Then check the resisitance of all the plug/coil wires. Bosch is the best by 
far. My Blau 8mm silcone US wires broke down in a year. If none of those 
work then it has to be the ECU.


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