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Sat Sep 22 00:52:30 EDT 2001

Subject: [torsen] 89 200 turbo quattro-2 sparks

I need help! A valve job was performed by an unqualified shop and now the
car dosen't work.
It will only produce two sparks from the coil. The coil, hall effect sensor,
distributor and MAC 14 ecu
have all been replaced. The timing has also been checked and lined up. I am
getting a fault code that
says to check timing position or hall sensor. Still it will not get more
than two spark.
any suggestions?
thanks, Bryan

- Bryan,
I would check that the wires running into the dist. and to the hall sender 
and see if they may have been broken or stressed when they removed or 
installed the head, as the sensor on the flywheel shouldn't have been touched 
when they worked on the car.
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