[torsen] Re: S5 CIS in a CQ. was TD, V1#92

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I expected that someone would bite on this one.  And a S4 nut at that!
That special kind of nut should know better if he is really into the
mechanics of his car.  If you don't do your own wrenching, you're

$10K less than what?  If a DIYer, one can turbo the A7 engine for about
$3K, and be miles ahead of any single cam engine,  I'm doing it.  Your
expertise on thre subject is what?

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Sure are.  He must replace the air box and try to fit the CIS metering
system, and find a place for the intercooler, among many smaller problems.
But why would anyone want to step down from a twin cam engine to a single


Because you can get 400hp for about 10,000 $ less?

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