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The summary is the same, it would appear.  Instead of me quoting verbatum the 
results found in 970922 to counterpoint your other comments, I'd certainly 
enjoy a post with your thoughts on the paper itself.  I'm not sure a couple 
surprises to your thinking just might be found.

All that said, stablizing temps of a low viscosity oil is a win/win situation 
wrt the audi turbos.  Also, those that are using more oil with a thicker oil 
might want to think about aeration (and vapor loss thru the PCV system) with 
a hotter running oil.

No question, especially in the context of the urS car list, a better oil 
cooler is good money spent.  Remember too, those fill times in colder climate 
startups.  Definitely don't run thick oils in winter.


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janagnos at earthlink.net writes:

> Scott, basically my post was my back assward way of saying (apparently not 
> very clearly) use the lightest weight oil possible in ones engine to 
> achieve good lubrication and keep oil temperature low when at the track. In 
> normal driving mode it won’t make a lick of difference.  As much as the oil 
> cooler is not great in these cars (should be larger for sure) the oil 
> viscosity will have an effect on what temperature the oil operates at and 
> should therefore be as low as possible. Less fluid friction equal less 
> heat.
> Jason "I am not trying to beat a dead horse just add a little pespective" 
> Anagnostis
> 94 S4

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