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Mon Apr 8 14:30:46 EDT 2002

Some of us already excommunicated from the quattro church of relevency 
(disciples of the audi gods), just might look at the definition/protocols of 
the lists, and just claim guilt by association Phil.  The problems you are 
encountering are of a technical nature, and by definition are so far removed 
from "quattro" content, some consideration of the rules of the road would be 
only fair and equitable.  Others might just be content to ignore you and hit 
delete.  I'm happy to read it, only looking to put it in the proper place 
(tongue in cheek here).

And to continue in that context, I might also offer a fair and equitable 
resolution (unmoderated refereeing)...  Instead of spamming all the lists, 
either use the tool developed by the administrators for this *exact* 
content....  OR, use your technical expertise to identify who might be 
interested or helpful, and make yourself your own "send to" folder.

I apologize in advance for not seeing the connection between my Sanyo dual 
band and "quattro" content/context, other than the obvious:  The cigarette 
lighter comes out, and my charger goes in.  

Thanks again Phil.

Scott Justusson

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> And so far only one dissenting voice.  Guess who?

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