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Guilt by association?  The problem in the torsen applications isn't adding a 
fraction more f/r torque distribution from the urs cars for 500USD (or should 
I say that isn't the *only* problem).  Shifting 56% of engine torque vs 60% 
engine torque at the limit of adhesion during a turn certainly could be.  The 
RS4 just shifts more than the S4tt or the urs4.  The information I have just 
doesn't show that to be a "good" thing necessarily.

Jimmy what might be interesting is a comparo of Istook lap times at various 
tracks to Paul L lap times mit torsen.

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I believe the reason for the interest in the Stasis "torsen" is that it is 
rumoured to be the same set up as in the RS4.

I am sure Igor can confirm or deny.

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