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Thu Apr 11 18:22:31 EDT 2002

Linus Toy wrote:
> At 07:48 AM 4/11/2002 -0400, qshipq at aol.com wrote:
> >Jimmy what might be interesting is a comparo of Istook lap times at various
> >tracks to Paul L lap times mit torsen.
> This might be cool...but a bit unfair.  Istook drives a S4tt, Lambert is in
> a A4 2.8-12v
> Don't know anything about Don...saw Paul drive at Laguna.  Impressive --
> and that was after a hard hit to the R side B-pillar in qualifying!

Good point Linus. I was shooting at turn 4 in the WC Touring race at
Laguna and witnessed at least half of the passes Paul made that day (he
started near last due to the qualifying incident and passed half the
field to win the Borla Hard Charger Award). There was a clear quattro
"advantage" in his ability to pass very competitive WC Touring cars of
all makes, RWD and FWD, at that turn and I observed no "spider bites"
whatsoever, just superior grip coming off the corner combined with the
ability to take passing lines nobody could defend. For example:
http://motorsportvisions.com/lwct01/pages/stasis_27.htm And, yes,
Pfeffer was passed moments after I shot this photo. Advantage quattro,
in this case with Torsen. Paul was flying that day.

A *very* impressive performance for both driver and car. By the end of
the race he was running the same lap times as the leaders. Given that
some of those leaders included the likes of David Leslie from BTCC, Bill
Auberlin from ALMS, etc. and many other notable names with high bucks
teams and well sorted race cars. I hope he is able to run the majority
of the 2002 season because I believe he will get that Audi to the front
of the field.

Mike Veglia
Motor Sport Visions Photography

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