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At 02:19 PM 4/11/2002 -0700, Motor Sport Visions Photography wrote:

>    . I was shooting at turn 4 in the WC Touring race at
>Laguna and witnessed at least half of the passes Paul made that day (he
>started near last due to the qualifying incident and passed half the
>field to win the Borla Hard Charger Award). There was a clear quattro
>"advantage" in his ability to pass very competitive WC Touring cars of
>all makes, RWD and FWD, at that turn and I observed no "spider bites"
>whatsoever, just superior grip coming off the corner combined with the
>ability to take passing lines nobody could defend. For example:
>http://motorsportvisions.com/lwct01/pages/stasis_27.htm And, yes,
>Pfeffer was passed moments after I shot this photo. Advantage quattro,
>in this case with Torsen. Paul was flying that day.

Mike--we met that weekend.  The Stasis team invited Pete Kunzler and myself 
to hang out with them for the weekend (we got to play pit gofer). I watched 
the race from the hillside above the Andretti Hairpin (turn 2).  From that 
vantage point, we saw many passes exiting 2, thru 3, and even some in 
4.  Lousy spot for pictures, though.

FWIW, I got a ride in the car at Portland in November with Bob Sullivan 
(crew chief) at the wheel.  That car rotates.  period.  Is it the TBR 
they've been playing with?  perhaps.  and perhaps it's as simple as these 
guys know their stuff about chassis tuning and how to take advantage of 
it...Mike, you mentioned the Stasis consulting work for 
Champion.  scuttlebutt is the before/after effects were worth 2 
seconds/lap.  The S4 Comp of Galati and Bell has a viscous center diff, not 
a torsen--see 
http://www.speedvisionwc.com/competitors/vts/02-audi-s4.pdf.  Another 
testament to their work:  following the qualifying hit, the B-pillar was 
moved in 5 or 6 inches (see your picture stasis_14).  On the scales, corner 
weights had not changed!

Not to really get into the Torsen debate--I have personally experienced 
obnoxious behavior from my 200q on a wet track.  The Stasis example, though 
may give us another explanation:  get the chassis tuned right, and the 
Torsen-effects we've debated all these years is 
minimized/inconsequential.  For street purposes, Audi, like any optimizing 
manufacturer, accepted a few compromi$e$ that only us club-heads encounter 
on the track.

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