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VC's have been the diffs of choice for audi (when not scutinized under 
homog), you can see it as early as 1983 with the A1's (rear diffs).  
Certainly since the "torsen" years (1983>), find them in audi racing is 
scarce to rumor.  Again, pre A4/S4tt messing with BR of 78-22 vs 80-20 isn't 
going to yeild much in terms of gains, on track or otherwise.

I'm also quite convinced that once Stasis sells "enough" of the BR mods, they 
too will use the VC's.  

WRT "tuning", the main issue is really the matrix involved:  Weight 
distribution, COG, wheelbase, cf/cof, engine torque...  In essence (and this 
isn't "opinion"), you change any of the above variables, the "optimal" BR 
also changes.  Tuning race cars means you might have optimized the variables 
above for a given venue, which means that it's possible to have it perform 
pretty well on a road course with xx turns.  Tire and cf/cof is one variable 
that's hard to keep at a constant, track OR street.  So, that VC will still 
want by.

I'm no expert Linus, only well read on the subject, and well heeled in street 
car btdt.  No question in my mind *whatever* Stasis does, it appears to work 
for them.  My main reason posting on the subject was specific to the S car 
list (neu and old):  ALL the above variables that affect torsen are 
different, so claims of 60hp equivelents need a bit of tempering, and 500USD 
is a lot of money to spend on either car for optimizing variables that don't 
translate directly to street cars.  I'd also be more interested in a comparo 
of torsen (whatever BR) vs locked (baseline).  It could also easily tell you 
if a) you are moving in the right direction, and b) if this is a 
chassis/driveline problem, or a driver education one.


Scott Justusson

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> seconds/lap.  The S4 Comp of Galati and Bell has a viscous center diff, not 
> a torsen--see <A HREF="http://www.speedvisionwc.com/competitors/vts/02-audi-s4.pdf">http://www.speedvisionwc.com/competitors/vts/02-audi-s4.</A><A HREF="http://www.speedvisionwc.com/competitors/vts/02-audi-s4.pdf">pdf</A>.  
> Another testament to their work:  following the qualifying hit, the 
> B-pillar was moved in 5 or 6 inches (see your picture stasis_14).  On the 
> scales, corner weights had not changed!
> Not to really get into the Torsen debate--I have personally experienced 
> obnoxious behavior from my 200q on a wet track.  The Stasis example, though 
> may give us another explanation:  get the chassis tuned right, and the 
> Torsen-effects we've debated all these years is minimized/inconsequential.  
> For street purposes, Audi, like any optimizing manufacturer, accepted a few 
> compromi$e$ that only us club-heads encounter on the track.  
> -nuff of this.
> --Linus

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