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First, let me remind all, the first post I put forth (certainly should have 
been my last = understatement in all contexts)...

Subj:   Re: [urq] WAP and stuff     
Date:   4/8/02 7:59:24 AM Central Daylight Time 
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This looks like torsen at audifans.com kinda stuff to me, in content and 

Thanks for the consideration 

Scott Justusson

Phil writes:
I've started playing with this stuff, and would welcome comments from anyone 
who feels so

You can find most of the details on 

Therell be LOTS of 404s, WAP syntax errors, and similar.  If anyone using a 
_real_ GSM phone
gets a problem I'd lke to hear about it.  I'm trying to programme for the 
lowest common
denominator, but this is a tough business - I've just discovered that the 
start and end tags
have to have matching case n WML, for instance.


>"Torsen  - Deep technical discussions, usually audi related"
>"This list may be useful for group projects (e.g. designing new 
intercoolers, studying >suspension mods, QLCC-II, retrofitting Torsens :) 
where people can work together >and compare notes."

key words:  "deep technical discussions", "group projects", "work together", 
"compare notes".  This certainly appears to be an *exact* match.  Scott J 
posts to urq list, cc goes to qlist AND torsen list (intro/sequey).  The 
PROBLEM became when Phil didn't WANT to either take it to the torsen list, 
OR, take it private.  Either of which were reasonable actions considering the 

My mistake was hitting a reply <all> when reading this on the Urq list.  I 
rarely post to the main list anymore, and this hubbabalu is exactly why.  
Reading this Cell Phone stuff twice for quite a while, I posted the above 
from the urq list perspective.  These finicky mistresses, of which I own 2, 
don't need the normal qlist topic wanderings.  So I posted the above.  There 
really doesn't seem to be any objective disagrreement wrt to it, and it has 
no punts or subjective lobs contained within.  It also, by definition passes 
the fair and equitable test with regard to the qlist post protocols.

So the PROBLEM is that Phil (and others) didn't want to follow those 
protocols.  To be totally honest, if it wasn't on the urq list, I doubt I 
would have said anything.  But, the issue clearly applies to both lists, 
again by definition.  As stubborness progressed, things got heated.  And, 
although I thoroughly enjoy barbing with Phil, in this case, I went right to 
the listmeisters for a call on this. 

Both Steve (urq) and Dan (quattro) have made the call.  It's really that 
simple.  This isn't some game to me.  IF, from the above 16 words, some 
senior member of any qlist feels compelled to unsubscribe (or threaten to, as 
is the modus to date, this is hardly the first time), the overwhelming guilt 
from the above post doesn't cause me to stay up at night.  I'm sorry(?)

My record on these lists, and in *any* quattro theatre, needs no comparo or 
excuse.  I'm an enthusiast.  And happy to be the village idiot too.  Those 
that share a beer, or really need help, won't find me cc'ing ANY list.  
That's my modus.  In 6+ years here, I've learned two things, you disagree 
with Phil, you're the bad guy => one must have thick skin.  

I'm happy to address any of this further offlist.  

Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ at aol.com

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