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>this is a common enough mis-understanding.  what i stated is correct.

>you cannot control torque distribution when a diff is locked.  when it is
>*unlocked* torque is "locked" to 50:50% (i.e. the torque distributed is
>exactly the same as that of the torque supported by the least tractive

Minhea, this is correct.  For more, go to Torsen at audifans.com

 >the only other issue with the locked centre is that, in tight
>turns, the car will understeer due to axle wind-up..

More specifically, both axles must rotate at the same speed, so the steering 
wheels with the most slip will slip more, causing U.

>all later audi's understeer more than i like - mind you so do most modern
>cars fwd, & rwd.  the late ur-quattro doesn't (it is better than e.g. my old
>s2).  however, both the torsen and non-torsen cars can get into a situation
>where they will understeer excessively and only lifting and unwinding the
>steering will help.  lfb also works well with my cars...

The problem with torsens in urq's or 90q, is that under power up, torque 
transfer fore and aft causes more U than the locker.  This is because the 
sudden power shift at the limit of adhesion first overloads front/rear 
tractive ability, then the rear/front tractive ability.  I have a really neat 
back to back video of this in action at Steamboat my locker urq vs S4tt in a 
snow/ice roundabout.  The s4tt drifted all the way out to the outside, 
whereas the urq was able to stay much more centered on track.


Scott Justusson
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