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> Not sure I buy that last part though. If the centre
> diff is locked there can be no slip unless or until
> there is slip at the rear. Front slip Vs rear slip
> will always be equal with a locked center diff and
> regardles of the existing CF at either end, even if
> the CF are different front Vs rear. That's the nature
> and the beauty of the locker. 100% locked = 100%
> consistent and preditctible.
> -glen

You have 'equal' slip f/r only if in the wheels are straight ahead Glen.  The 
DEFINITION of a turn, is front wheels slipping (turning faster with more slip 
angle) more than the rears.  In a torsen this speed difference causes torque 
to shift (up to the BR, then it's "open"), in an open diff, wheel speed 
differences are allowed.  WRT lockers, simply stated:  If you have two sets 
of tires with the same power applied to them, the ones turning will breakaway 
first > ALWAYS.  It's the same principle as fwd vs rwd.  FWD has steering and 
power, rwd only has steering at the front axle.  All other things being 
equal, power + steering = greater slip  vs steering + no power.    



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