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OK, I agree with what you state, but that's not what I
said or intended to say. I mentioned nothing about
going around corners. One must examine and undertand
the dynamics of the most simple scenarios first,
before moving on to the study and potential
understanding of more complex scenarios. I assumed a
lot in my short post that I neglected to detail. My



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> > Not sure I buy that last part though. If the
> centre
> > diff is locked there can be no slip unless or
> until
> > there is slip at the rear. Front slip Vs rear slip
> > will always be equal with a locked center diff and
> > regardles of the existing CF at either end, even
> if
> > the CF are different front Vs rear. That's the
> nature
> > and the beauty of the locker. 100% locked = 100%
> > consistent and preditctible.
> >
> > -glen
> >
> You have 'equal' slip f/r only if in the wheels are
> straight ahead Glen.  The
> DEFINITION of a turn, is front wheels slipping
> (turning faster with more slip
> angle) more than the rears.  In a torsen this speed
> difference causes torque
> to shift (up to the BR, then it's "open"), in an
> open diff, wheel speed
> differences are allowed.  WRT lockers, simply
> stated:  If you have two sets
> of tires with the same power applied to them, the
> ones turning will breakaway
> first > ALWAYS.  It's the same principle as fwd vs
> rwd.  FWD has steering and
> power, rwd only has steering at the front axle.  All
> other things being
> equal, power + steering = greater slip  vs steering
> + no power.
> SJ
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