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>well, it's been 2 weeks, and only now has this discussion descended into the
>"pissing contest" phase.  something i will respectfully decline.  time
>therefore for me to butt out.

Ok, let's do a post mortem.  Lister posts up regarding "disappointment" of 
urq handling.  This started a discussion regarding locking differentials, 
autox, torsens by you (hence my copy to the appropriate list - no double 
standard).   For two weeks, we got a basic understanding of HOW differentials 
work; thanks Dave, you did help.  In the last couple days, you have put up 
some confusing posts regarding what happens to torque allocation with a 
locked differential or a torsen.  ALL of which I really didn't have a problem 
with or disagreement with.  When it got a bit sidelined by quotes of 
driveshaft strength and multiple cf wheels on the same car, I was only trying 
to figure out where you were going.  In light of the recent PP events, as 
well as Seans electronic shrapnelknobben, I only tried to bring the topic 
back to urq handling.  ON the urq list, with a lot of collective experience 
in high and low cf conditions by many here, including autox-ers that could 
help a lot of folks in the real world of urq handling.

>scott, i will readi..<snipped by Sean M's telemetry T-zapper>

I thoroughly enjoy any attempts at verbal lobs Dave, thanks for your advice.  
You, on the other hand, are welcome to get really technical and nerdy about 
the differing wheel cf arguments on the appropriate list - 
Torsen at audifans.com.  I would welcome some detailed insight into how your urq 
appears to be different from other 99in torsen equipped quattros.

Anyone else that wants to continue this urq handling discussion on the torsen 
list, please feel free to share thoughts, btdt, tire pressures (damn Jeff, I 
tried rear up, got slower:), and maybe we can come to a better understanding 
of how to keep the ur competitive in q.

Scott Justusson
Wet Nike's from leaking....  clutch master.  Damn, I'm embarrassed someone 
mistook that for pp.  Maybe if I switch to ATE super blue :)

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