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>FWIW, I find that when I run less pressure in the rear tires than the
>front, the car tends to "porpoise" (bounce) on the outside front corner and
>tear the hell out of the outside edge of the tread/sidewall.  This can be
>cured with a lot more negative camber but ~2 degrees is about the max
>possible (without resorting to obviously illegal measures, that is) so I
>had to come up with a workaround to solve the problem.

I don't run either of my urq's at more than -.5 neg Jeff, so maybe I don't 
see the problem.  Not sure what tires you are using either, but my bouts with 
the very low tread RE930's I run for track/autox don't have this problem.  
But then again, I'm not running stock class, and I don't' see this problem 
with the 16's in either 205/55 or 225/50 (sp8000 I ran last time).  What I am 
very interested in watching is the new rallycross rules and classes, of which 
I made it into D1 with the mods I had  (awd <2.5L, minor mods).  I was quite 
happy with that designation.

>Running higher pressure in the rears reduces the contact patch area as well
>as increases the effective spring rate, both of which help loosen up the
>back end.  Standing the tires up straight helps (I ran between 0 and 1/2
>degrees of negative camber, depending upon the course design) as does lots
>of toe-out and lots of rebound damping in the shocks.  Due to the
>limitations of the SCCA's Stock-class rules, addressing the problem the
>"correct" way wasn't a legal option.  :^(

Can't relate to that  :)

>BTW, with regard to updating/backdating, it seems unlikely that anyone but
>another Audi expert -- and an Ur-Q expert, at that! -- would catch some of
>the more useful swaps.  This is definitely one area where Audi's legendary
>car-to-car parts variability comes in handy instead of being merely
>annoying, as is usually the case!  ;^)

Exactly my point.  You will also find that those paint schemes audi uses on 
springs might give some possible "unfair advantage" if you were to put them 
in your urq.  BTW, I haven't seen published data anywhere on these lists in 
the last 6 years as to the actual spring rates for an urq.  I've also 
experienced some interesting swaybar bushing (reduction in mass) that I only 
found when trying to replace with stock bushings and brackets.

Thanks Jeff, I might try this rear up routine, but when I tried that with the 
fwd cars over the years it nettted slower not faster times.  Given the 
handling tendencies of the urq, I just applied the same logic.  I'll give it 
a try again tho.  You have to promise to try center and rear locked, and LFB, 
stand that car on the nose and twist.  I gained a full 2-4sec on a 1minute 
course that way.


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