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As for the locked center and rear diffs, I was being diplomatic in my
previous response: I've tried it and didn't like it at all.  Of course, I
trailbrake into corners and the style you describe above sounds like the
complete opposite so perhaps it's just a driving style thing?

Sure sounds like it.  I got the idea from a couple of the rally books 
interviews, Stig especially was famous for this technique in the dry (other 
drivers bitched, especially at San Remo events, cuz with more 'traditional' 
techniques, 3 point turns were observed in the tight switchbacks).  Watching 
him pilot the Escort on the tarmac at Maine Forest in 99, he didn't seem to 
change that technique any either.  Though it also could be what you are used 
to in early performance driving techniques.  Being a prorally guy first, I'm 
most comfortable with those techniques, and I find the urq/locked q's to be 
very easy to drive on tarmac with both diffs locked, even with tight courses. 

Thanks for the info Jeff, I promise to give the rear tires a pump up.  
Grattan ACCNA event is next week, I'll report what I find.  WRT springs, I 
certainly know that there are stiffer springs that I doubt the best audi 
officianado could successfully protest.  I used a completely different set of 
stock springs in the back of my urq, that have a coil cut out of them, so I 
know that wouldn't be me doing the above (you can breathe easy Kevin;)


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