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Type WRC in any search engine, the full spec on any wrc can be found.  Most 
use either full time haldex (which is adjustable), VC/VC differential lock, 
or electronic locker (or combination of the above),  front LSD is usually 
driver preference (mostly open or very low locker).

WRT doing donuts, any quattro can do donuts with enough power or low enough 
cf.  Torsen centers are the best for this, actually since you just wing the 
wheel and put the power (to the back mostly).  At RA a couple years ago, 
rally development and trainer Freddy Kotulinsky had a bunch of the 1.8t boys 
doing some nice tail out power slides around a circle.  Quite amusing to 
watch that the first day, then put all that on the track the next day in the 
rain, things weren't quite so, er, repeatable(?).  50 some offs by the 
eventmaster count, guess the center diff in 95% of them.....

WRT damaging the diff, I suppose it's possible, those shims are brass.  I 
know that some of the S4tt were known to have blown them out a couple times 
early on.  They are high heat generators.

Ouch Sean, I didn't go there that far!



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I'm curious, too, about what kind of diffs they run in WRC?  Sounds like
there's even some adjustability there, too.


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OK, so how do we perform these 'doughnuts' that the WRC drivers are always
doing? And can it be done with a Torsen urq (mine)?

I tried on the tarmac patch outside the village hall a while ago and all I
got was a pile of understeer and having to back off quick before I hit a

Also can such antics damage the Torsen diff?


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