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Fri Apr 19 08:50:03 EDT 2002

Rod, you are getting "copies" of appropriate torsen topics, that may have 
started, or may be appropriate for the urq list as well.  When folks hit 
reply to in the urq list, the RE: may come up with the obligitory "urq" 
heading.  This works the same way if someone does this on the s car list and 
uses reply to.  The imbedding heading confuses many.

WRT unsubscribe, you can/should do that yourself (if you figured how to get 
on, getting off is 2 more letters of the same procedure), follow the links to 
Torsen List on the main page:  www.audifans.com.

I kinda figured that in depth handling of the urq is appropriate for both 
lists, especially if the thread is cut off from the urq list, it can continue 
without archive interruption on the torsen list.  Given what you are doing 
with your S car, I'd think you'd want to stick around the torsen list tho.  

My .02 and HTH

Scott Justusson

In a message dated 4/18/02 8:34:37 PM Central Daylight Time, S4audinut 

> Why am I getting all this damn URQ mail I tried to unsub the torsen list 
> apparrently w/no success. I like URQ's but dont care about the discussions, 
> someone pls. post the url to unsubscribe for me please please.
> Rod

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