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urq urq at pacbell.net
Tue Aug 20 06:10:03 EDT 2002

I doubt many folks care a whole bunch one way or the other, but what is
going on is that the Torsen list is still set up so anyone can post without
moderation ... all the other audifans lists I'm admin'ing are set up so that
only folks who are subbed get to post directly ... and posts from non
subscribers need to go through me to make it out.  It seems that there are a
bunch of spam sites which have harvested the posting addresses for the
audifans lists ... but since the bandwidth here is so low it hasn't been
discovered ... hopefully these responses to the original address don't put
us on their map!  I toss as many as a dozen messages a week from the other
lists ... and if things get worse I can do the same here ... with a
bandwidth as low as this list sees it doesn't take much to kill the S/N
ratio!  ;-)

Steve Buchholz
Audifans Torsen listmeister

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LOL,, now that is funny!

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