[torsen] Audi engine code

bulent topakoglu btopak1 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 26 11:31:49 EDT 2002

Hello listers,

I own a Scirocco MK1 with an Audi engine, so I don' t feel I'm  an alien in this list.

Three years ago my mechanic swapped my old 1.6 engine with a 1.8 carburated

one, and he sad it was an '88 Audi 80' s engine. The problem is, there is no information about this engine in the net, and in my Haynes manual doesn t help. I do not know what the ignition timing should be ( double chamber vacuum advance unit) and proper places for hoses to/from advance unit and the green vacuum reservoir nearby the carburator. Should I remove vacuum advance unit' s hoses during adjustment ?

Instead of trial/error method, I'd  like to have some proper information. I would be really grateuf if someone can help me.



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