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you could put in the torsen front center and rear.  But a couple things to 
consider.  First, when audi raced with the "lockers" they used a 20% LSD on 
the front, or just ran it full locked.  I suspect this was done for some 
reason, most likely you want all or nothing (or darn close to nothing).  
That's a LOT of spiders to tame Peter.

The torsen center rear combo certainly has merit tho, and bang for buc is 
probably worth every effort AND it shouldn't affect the later EDL equipped 
urs cars either.  Some of the S car boys were poking this idea around some on 
the scar list.  The only one I know of running this is a 20vt urq conversion 
in TX running a torsen center and torsen rear setup out of a v8.  He quite 
enjoys it, and it certainly requires the least driver involvement.

I personally like the lockers, and run the center locked a whole lot of the 
time.  The rear is a tougher call, since it requires active engagement to get 
it's full benefit.  I'm in the process now of isolating the vacuum source for 
the lockers to make the rear engagement less sensitive to engine vacuum.  I 
will say that the conversion to the later electro pnuematic setup on my 83 
has been a fantastic upgrade to the lockers, and my only chase now is the 
speed and predictability of engagement, especially at altitude.

Peter, there is no question what you want to to can be done.  However, the 
feedback I got on the toyota site (best 4wheeler setup for 4runner offroad is 
locker rear and center, torsen front) is that the understeeer from the torsen 
front is VERY noticeable.   The solution they used is to convert the 
automatic hubs to lockouts.  When the fronts not engaged, the torsen is just 
along for the ride.


Scott Justusson
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pjberr at rogers.com writes:

OK so here goes...

My problem with the torsen (which I rather like) and the stock setup is that
it allows one front and one rear to slip big time, something I discovered
when ice racing with some fo the s-car guys last year. The problem was
really bad when drag racing and really annoying when trying to cut corners
on the hairpins that made up both ends of the course.

The really poor traction just spun two wheels and the all-wheel drive
benefit wasn't.

Seeing as the 90-94? V8 had a torsen equipped rear diff and the 944 also
uses a limited slip torsen in the 016 it has rear mounted, what would the
downside be to using those components in say... my 200TQ giving it torsen
front, mid and rear?

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