[torsen] Re: [s-cars] Torsens is there a difference ??!!

Kirby Smith kirby.a.smith at verizon.net
Fri Dec 6 17:06:09 EST 2002

:-O  !!!  [Good memory, but to be unnecessarily pedantic, the turbo
Corvair was called a Spyder until 1965, when the new style body turbo
cars were called Corsas.]  Yeah.  The torsen wars got into the area of
marginal manners convolved with the opposing sides having experiences
with much different cars.  I'll need an ocean of the stuff [presumably
calomine lotion, although camomile might be tasty] to ever recover.


mlp qwest wrote:
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> ~As a point of reference on limited slip differentials (why am I doing
> ~this?), on the Corvair Positraction, ......
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> Hum, yeah well Kirby that Corvair, it was a "Spyder" right?
> IIRC it was a Spider's bite that ignited at least one of the Torsen (not
> rivaled since the Punic) Wars.  My guess is you're just scratching at the
> itch that kind of bite leaves behind.  Try some camomile lotion  :-)
> mlp

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