[torsen] RE: Herr Kluge

Robert Pastore rpastore at animalfeeds.com
Sat Dec 7 13:01:47 EST 2002

That's really funny, but so painful. 
I don't even know if you meant to say what your did:  That memebers of this
list bought and paid for the bungalows, but they aint in possession of them
-- Dave J is.
Too painfully poetic.  And I'm not even an "investor"!
[SJ] >>>>> Thanks, good reading,  and I suspect that if one really wanted to
lock up the center, it could be done, remember, small bungalos have already
been bought and paid for by members of  >>>>>>>> this list, Dave J may well
be living in one by now :)
>>>>>>>> Scott aka "torsenboy" J

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