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I said what I did with my tongure firmly in cheek Rob.  Dave and I are great 
friends.  Dave has also had many dedicated scar listers invest huge sums of 
money at his shop/s.  As several have learned, it's just one shops way of 
addressing the demand, not necessarily solving the problems, but responding 
to the insatiable demand for "more".  Eventually, other shops come around to 
solving the problems.  Usually also dealing with the post cognitive disonance 
theory of bungalo mortgages in the process.

This isn't a new concept, I read the 26mm rear swaybar thread with the same 
thinking: more isn't necessarily better.  In fact, the solution is at the 
other end of the car.  The guy making them doesn't care....  400USD at the 
wrong end of the car?  I wish I had the heart/balls.   I missed out on 2 
rounds now...

The tweeks to the I5 are pretty well known in terms of realistic limitations. 
 Several here want to hit 500hp, and no question in my mind they will.  
Knowing what it would take to do so, is where my bungalo statement starts to 
ring true.  After all that, the 951 money one spent on that 100 extra hp, 
miss piggy will still get passed by that same 951 in stock trim.  Why not 
just buy the 951 and call miss piggy a fun ride?

What Herr Kluge is gonna share, isn't gonna make miss piggy any more 
desireable IMO.  Living with the shortcomings?  It's a pretty long list, 
torsen aside.


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That's really funny, but so painful. 
I don't even know if you meant to say what your did:  That memebers of this 
list bought and paid for the bungalows, but they aint in possession of them 
-- Dave J is.
Too painfully poetic.  And I'm not even an "investor"!

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